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GH= greatest hits compilation
*= live recording
m= mp3 recording.
r= remix
b= b-side

c= cover song
chr=christmas song
btlg=live bootleg recording
d=demo recording
( )= number of songs on particular cd(r)

ABBA: Gold GH(14), m26(1), m35(1)
ABC: Absolutely ABC GH(13,4r), m28(1)
Abdul, Paula: m29(6)
AC/DC: m50(10), m165(1)
Ace: m15(1)
Ace Of Base: m153(1)
Adams, Bryan: So Far So Good GH(14)

Adkins, Trace: m197(21)
Aerosmith: GH(10), GH Big Ones(15), m19(1), m154(2)
Aguilera, Christina (Li'l Kim, Mya, Pink): m153(1)
A-ha: Headlines And Deadlines GH(13,3r), m74(2r)
Air Supply: GH(9), m4(1)
Alabama: m23(1), m35(1), m98(20), m99(13)
Alice Cooper: m16(1), m29(2)
Allen, Gary: m165(1)
Allman Brothers: A Decade of Hits 1969-79 GH (16)
Ambrosia: Anthology GH(16)
America: History GH(12), m20(1),
Amos, Tori: m173(1)
Animals (Eric Burdon): Best Of GH(15)
Anka, Paul: m30(3), m198(1)
Ant, Adam: Forbidden Zone GH(21)
Apple, Fiona: m154(1)
April Wine m3(1), m19(1)
Archer, Tasmin: m20(1), m51(1r)
Asia (Payne): Aqua(12), m24(1), m130(13), m121(1)
Asia (Wetton): Asia(9), Alpha (10), Live In Nottingham(13*), Astra(10), Then And Now (10), LiveMockba1990(13*,1)m9(2), m39 (1), m75(1b), m39(1)
Association: GH(13)
Atlanta Rhythm Section: Best of GH(17)
Atoll: m105(1d)
Aurora: m74(1r)

Baby Animals: m178(11), m179(1),
Bad Company: 10-From-6 GH(10), Desolation Angels(10), Run With The Pack(10), Bad Company(8), Burning Sky(12), m3(4), m108(19), m113(1)
Badfinger (Iveys): Best Of GH(21), m97(22), m113(2), m154(1), m113(2)
Baja Men: m38(1)
Baker, Anita: m13(2), m35(1)
Bananarama: GH(14), m153(1r)
Band, The: m34(1),
Band Aid: m22(1)
Bangles: m31(3)
Barry, John: 163(1)
Beach Boys: Endless Summer GH(21), m2(1), m5.2, m5(3)
Beastie Boys: m115(1), m198(1)
Beatles: Help, A Hard Days Night, For Sale, Sgt Pepper, White Album, Rubber Soul, With The Beatles,
Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, Let It Be,
Anthology 1 2CD, Anthology 2 2CD, Anthology 3 2CD, Live at the BBC 2CD, m6(12), m15(1), m18(1), m83(25), m85(7), m96(1), m83(25),
CD SINGLES: From Me To You, Cant Buy Me Love, Ticket To Ride, I Want To Hold Your Hand,
I Feel Fine, She Loves You, Love Me Do, Please Please Me
Beck, Jeff: Best of GH(14), m25(2)
Bee Gees: GH 2CD(20), m17 (6)
Benatar, Pat: Best Shots GH(15), m26(1)
Benton, Brook: m35(1)
Berlin: Best of 79-88 GH(12)
Berry, Chuck: The Great Twenty-Eight GH(28)
Berry, John- John Berry, Faces
Bishop, Steven: On And On GH(18)
Black, Clint m1(1), m59(15),m94(20)
Blackbirds (Donald Byrd): m32(1)
Black Crows: m153(1)
Black Sabbath: m51(3)
Blind Faith: m85(1)
Blind Melon: m37(1)
Blondie: Best of GH(12)
Blood Sweat & Tears: Blood,Sweat,&Tears(10)
Blue Magic: m16(1)
Blue Oyster Cult: m29(1), m35(1)
Blues Traveller: m143(14)
Bolton, Michael: 1985-95 GH(17), m85(1)
Bon Jovi: Cross Road GH(14), m179(1, 1r),
Bono (U2): m30(1)
Bonoff, Karla: m23(1)
Boston: GH(16), m15(1), m74(1d)
Bowie, David Singles 1969-93 GH 2CD(39), m3(1)
Bow Wow Wow: Best of GH(20)
Box of Frogs: m51(1)
Boyce And Hart: m162(4)
Boys II Men: m27(1)
Brady Bunch: It's A Sunshine Day GH(20)
Bread: Anthology GH(20)
Breeders: m17 (1)
Brock, Chad m4(1)
Bronski Beat: m153(1)

Brooklyn Bridge: m194(1)
Brooks And Dunn: m131(20), m157(15), m157(15)
Brooks, Garth- The Hits, Sevens, In the Life of Chris Gaines, m60(2), m65(5chr), m125(18chr), m199(1)
Brotherhood of Man: m85(1)
Brothers Johnson: m86(1)
Brown, Jackson: Best of GH(15)
B.T. Express: m86(1)
Buffett, Jimmy: GH(13)
Buggles: m37(2)
Burdon, Eric: see "Animals"
Burnette, Rocky: m19(1)
Byrds: GH(11)

Campbell, Glenn: All-Time Favorite Hits GH(10), m4(2)
Canned Heat: m51(2)
Capaldi, Jim m2(1)

Captain And Tennille: m194(4)
Cardigans: m17 (1)
Carey, Mariah: Mariah Carey(11), Emotions(10), Music Box(10), Daydream(12), Merry Christmas(10)
Carey, Tony: m29(1)
Carlisle, Belinda: GH(13)
Carlisle, Bob: m99(1)
Carlton, Carl: m13(1)
Carmen, Eric: Best of GH(11)
Carnes, Kim m23(1), m26(2)
Carpenters: Yesterday Once More GH 2CD(27), m4(1)
Cars: GH(13), m10(2), m26(1), m42(2)
Carter, Aaron: m43(1)
Cash, Rosanne m1(1)
Cassidy, David: m37(1), m76(1)
Cetera, Peter: m32(1)
Chairmen of the Board: m86(1)
Chaka Kahn: Epiphany: The Best of GH(16), m86(1)
Chapin, Harry: The Gold Medal Collection GH 2CD(32)
Chapman, Gary- The Light Inside
Charles And Eddie: m20(1)
Charles, Ray: Anthology GH(20)
Cheap Trick: GH(13)
Cher: m23(1), m32(1)
Chesney, Kenny: m66(18)
Chicago: GH(11), GH 82-90(12), GH Vol 2(10)
Chi-Lites: Very Best of GH(16)
Clapton, Eric: Time Pieces GH Vol 1(11)
Clark Five, Dave: m16(7)

Clark, Petula: m194(1)
Clark, Roy: m162(1)
Clash: Story of The Clash GH 2CD(28)
Classics IV: GH(10)

Climax: m194(1)

Climax Blues Band: m194(1)
Cochran, Tammy: m141(3)
Cocker, Joe: Classics Vol IV GH(13)
Cole, Paula m1(1), m31(1), m163(1)
Collins, Phil: Hits GH(16), m22(1)
Commodores: m20(2), m60(1)
Como, Perry: m148(18,5chr)
Coolidge, Rita: m154(1)
Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose: m86(1)
Cowsills: m161(3), m165(2)
Cranberries: No Need To Argue(13), Everyone Else...(12), To The Faithfully Departed(13)
Cream: Strange Brew Very Best of GH(12)
Credence C. Revival: Chronicle GH Vol 1(20), Chronical GH Vol 2(20)
Creed: m35(1)
Croce, Jim: Photographs And Memories GH(14)
Crosby, Bing: Sings Christmas Songs(15chr)
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young: So Far GH(11), m12(13)
Cross, Christopher: m31(1), m79(4)
Crow, Sheryl: m29(3)
Crowded House: Very Best Of GH(19)
Culture Club(Boy George): At Worst The Best Of GH(16,3r), m173(1r)
Cummings, Burton: m85(1)
Cure: Staring At The Sea GH(17), Galore GH(18)

Daltrey, Roger: Best of Rockers And Ballads GH(17)
D'Arby, Terrence Trent: m41(2)
Darin, Bobby: Bobby Darin Story GH(12)
Davis, Mac: m23(1), m34(1)
Davis, Paul: GH(12), m4(5), m28(1), m37(1), m42(1), m198(2), m201(1)
Davis, Tyrone: m86(1)
Dayne, Taylor: GH(11,3r)
Debarge: GH(11)
Deep Purple: Deepest Purple GH(12), m11(1), m15(1)
Def Leppard: Vault 1980-95 GH(12)
Dells: m154(1)
Depeche Mode: GH Catching Up, Songs Of Faith And Devotion, Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live*, Ultra, Music For
The Masses, VARIOUS ARTISTS: "For the Masses", Construction Time Again, Speak And Spell,
A Broken Frame, Some Great Reward, Black Celebration, People Are People
The Singles 86-98 2CD, m52(12r), m53(7r), m71(DM101pt1 15), m88(DM101pt2 5, 1d,1r), m109(11r),m110(11r), m112(10r),m123(Exciter 13, 2b, 1r), m146(3r), m163(2r), m186(4r,2*, 2d),
CD SINGLES: I Feel You #1, I Feel You #2, In Your Room,
Barrel Of A Gun, Enjoy The Silence, Behind The Wheel,
Only When I Lose Myself, It's No Good, Home, Policy of Truth,
A Question of Lust, Never Let Me Down Again, World In My Eyes,
Walking In My Shoes, Personal Jesus, Stripped, People Are People,
Condemnation, A Question of Time, Strangelove, Little 15,
Only When I Lose Myself II, Shake the Disease, Home/Useless.
Desario, Terry and Harry Casey: m60(1)
Devo: GH(16)
Dexy's Midnight Runners: m121(1)
DeYoung, Dennis (Styx): m70(2)
Diamond, Neil: 1966-92 GH 2CD(37), m21(5), m30(1)
Dion, Celine: Celine Dion(13), The Colour Of My Love(14), Falling Into You(14), Unison(10), Lets Talk About Love(15),
These Are The Special Times(16), GH All The Way,
Dixie Chicks: m136(20), m141(5)
Donovan: GH(12)
Doobie Brothers: Listen To The Music GH(17,1r), m5(1)
Doors: Best of GH 2CD(19), The Doors(11), The Doors Box Set Vol I(13), Vol II(10*), Vol III(15), Vol IV(5,partial): (3 cdrs), m16(4), m17 (1), m82(22), m89(8)
Dramatics: Best of GH(16)
Dream Academy: m70(1), m182(1),
Dr. Demento Show: m167(2)
Dr Hook: Greatest Hits And More GH(15)
Dr. John: m86(1)
Dupree, Robbie: m20(1)
Duran Duran: GH(19), Duran Duran, m53(5r), m154(1,1*)

Durante, Jimmy: m193(1)

Durbin, Deanna: m193(1)

Eagles: GH Vol 1(10), GH Vol 2(10), m74(1*)
Earth Wind And Fire: m86(1)
Easybeats: m26(1)
Egan, Walter: m162(1)
Eiffel: m43(1)
Electric Light Orchestra: Strange Magic GH 2 CD(29), m8(4)

Electric Prunes: m194(1)
Elliman, Yvonne: m182(1)
Emerson Lake and Palmer: Best of GH(14), King Biscuit Live */Interactive 2CD(16), m7(5), m22(1)
Emerson Lake and Powell: m30(1)
Entwistle, John (The Who): m124(1)
En Vogue: m13(1)
Erasure Pop 20 GH(20)
Estefan, Gloria(Miami Sound Machine): GH(14), m18(4), m160(1)
Etheridge, Mellisa: Yes I Am
Eurythmics: GH(14)
Everything But The Girl: m28(1)
Exile: m20(1)

Face To Face: m198 (1)
Fagan, Donald: The Nightfly(8), Kamakiriad(8)
Falco: m153(2,1r)
Ferrante & Teicher: All-Time GH(10)
Ferry, Bryan (Roxy Music): Street Life GH(20)
Fifth Dimension Greatest Hits On Earth GH(11)
Filter: Take A Picture cd single (and cdrom), m173(3r),
Firefall GH(18)
Firm: m19(1),

Five Stairsteps: m194(1)
Fixx: GH(12)
Flack, Roberta: Softly With These Songs GH(17)
Fleetwood Mac: GH(16), The Dance(17*), Tour 97 Special 2CD(27 non-FMac), The Chain 3 GH(19), The Chain 4 GH(19), m15(7), m22(1)
Floaters: m35(1)
Flock Of Seagulls: Best of GH(11,1r)
Focus: m153(1r)
Fogelberg, Dan: Star Box GH(16)
Fogerty, John: m51(1)
Forbert, Steve m2(1)
Foreigner: Very Best And Beyond GH(17), Unusual Heat(11), Foreigner(10), Mr Moonlight(12), Head Games(10), Inside Information(10), m3(5), m79(10)
4 Non Blondes: m153(1,1r)
Four Tops: Keepers of the Castle 1972-78 GH(14)
Frampton, Peter: Classics Vol XII GH(13)
Franklyn, Aretha: Very Best of GH(16)
Fred And His Playboy Band, John: m162(1)
Friend And Lover: m162(1)

Gabriel, Peter: Shaking The Tree GH(16), m79(1)
Gahan, David (Depeche Mode): m109(1)
Garbage: m154(1,2r), m149 "Beautifulgarbage" etc(17), m179(2),
Garrett, Leif: m37(1)
Gas Giants (Gin Blossoms): m44(16)
Gatlin Brothers m4(1)
Gaye, Marvin: GH(15)
Gayle, Crystal m1(3), m23(1), m34(1), m100(20)
Geils,J. Band: m19(1)
Genesis: m7(10),
Georgia Satellites: m70(1)
Gin Blossoms: New Miserable Experience(12), Congratulations Im Sorry(13), m44(2)
Gibb, Andy: GH(12)
Gibson, Debbie: m31(1)
Gilder, Nick: m26(1)
Girlschool: m29(2)
Glass Tiger: m28(1)
Glitter, Gary: m38(1)
Go-Gos: GH(14)
Golden Earring: m184(2)
Goo Goo Dolls: m41(3)
Goulet, Robert: m37(1)
Gore, Martin (Depeche Mode): m146(5,5r)
Gramm, Lou m3(3)
Grand Funk Railroad: m26(1)
Grant, Amy: Heart In Motion(11), House Of Love(11), The Collection GH (early career)(20)
Grant, Eddy: m26(1)
Grass Roots: GH(updated)(14), m2(1)
Greenwood Lee: GH(10), m193(4)
GTR: m7(1)
Guess Who: Best of GH(11)
Guns N Roses: m11(1), m35(1)

Hackett, Steve: m39(3)
Hagar, Sammy: m42(5)
Haircut 100: m5(1,1r), m20(1)
Hall & Oates: Rock 'n Soul Part I GH(12)
Hamilton, Joe Frank, And Reynolds m2(1)

Hammond, Albert: m194(1)
Hanson: m34(1)
Harris, Major: m86(1)
Harrison, George: Best of GH(13), Best of Dark Horse 1976-89 GH(15), m73(3btlg)
Hart, Corey: m22(1)
Hayes, Isaac: Greatest Hit Singles GH(12)
Heart: GH & Live*(15), These Dreams GH(17), m10(1), m26(2), m29(1), m32(1), 20 Years of Rock & Roll (cdrom)
Heatwave m2(1), m23(1)
Hendrix, Jimi: The Ultimate Experience GH(20)
Henley, Don: Actual Miles GH(12)
Herman's Hermits: m27(5)
Hill, Faith- It Matters To Me, m57(2), m58(15,2r), m141(1)
Hollies: GH(12), m12(1), m27(1)
Holmes, Rupert: m28(1)
Honey Cone: m86(1), m96(1)
Honeydrippers: m28(1)
Hootie And The Blowfish: m20(1)
Hopkins, Mary: m51(1)
Hues Corporation: m34(1)
Human League: m165(3)
Humperdinck, Engelbert: Live In Concert/All of Me GH(18)
Hutchence, Michael: Michael Hutchence

Ian, Janis: m153(1)

Ides of March: m198(1)
Idol, Billy: m70(3)
Imbruglia, Natalie: m41(1)
Ingram, James: The Power Of Great Music GH(12)
Ingram, Luther: m86(1)
INXS: *see separate listing for official releases*, m74(1rvs,1*), m121(1btlg*), m174(6r), m198 (2c)
Iris, Donnie: m85(2)
Isley Brothers: Greatest Hits And Rare Classics GH(22)

Jacks, Terry: m20(1)
Jackson, Alan: m103(22), m117(1), m181(15), m194(1), m196(12, 1*)
Jackson Five: Ultimate Collection GH(21), m13(1), m27(1)
Jackson, Janet: Control(9), Rhythm Nation 1814(20), janet(27)
Jackson, Joe: m22(1)
Jackson, Michael: HIStory GH 2CD(30), m13(6), m187("Invincible" 15),
Jacksons: m32(1)
James, Bob: m81(6)
James, Bob & Klugh, E: Cool(12), m15(3)
James, Rick: GH(9), m13(1)
James, Tommy(Shondells): Anthology GH(27)
Jefferson Airplane: m12(2)
Jefferson Starship: Gold GH(12), m12(1)
Jennings, Waylon m1(2)
Jethro Tull: Original Masters GH(12), m22(2)
Jets: m162(2)
Jett, Joan (Blackhearts): m32(1)
Jewel: m30(1*, 1)
Jigsaw: m28(1)
Joel, Billy: GH Vol 1&2 2CD(25), GH Vol 3(17), m5(1), m38(1)
John, Elton: GH Vol 1(11), GH Vol 2(10), GH Vol 3(12), Love Songs GH(15), m21(5)
CD SINGLE: Candle In The Wind 97/Something About the Way You Look Tonight
John, Robert m2(1)
Jon & Vangelis: Best of GH(9), m8(1)

Jones, Davy: m198(1)

Jones, George: m199(23)
Jones, Tom: The Golden Hits GH(14), The Best Of...GH(22),
Journey: Time 1 GH(18), Time 2 GH(12, 6*), Time 3 GH(17, 6*), Trial By Fire, m25(2), m62(15), m185(11),
Judas Priest: m19(1)

Kajagoogoo: m26(1)
Kansas: Best of GH(10)
KC & Sunshine Band: Best of GH(16)
Keith, Toby: m104(20), m117(1), 132(1)
Kihn, Greg: m5(1), m35(1)
King, B.B.: m86(1)
King Crimson: Court of The Crimson King (5,cdr), Islands (6,cdr), Starless and Bible Black(8), Red (5,cdr), Larks Tongues In Aspic (6,cdr), Thrack(15), In The Wake Of Poseidon(8), Lizard(5), The Night Watch* 2CD(12), The Cheerful
Insanity of GILES GILES AND FRIPP (28,cdr), m24(10), m39(1)
King Harvest: m34(1)
Kingsmen: m38(1)
Kinks: GH(18), m5(3)
KISS: m96(1)
Klugh, Earl: Best of Vol1 GH(12)
Knight, Gladys (Pips): m32(4)
Kool & The Gang: Celebration GH(17)
Korgies m2(1)
Kravitz, Lenny: m19(1), m35(3), m95(15), m113(w/Ozzy 1), m179(Lenny 12),

LaBelle, Patti Gems, m153(1)
Larson, Nicolette m2.15
Lattisaw, Stacy: m32(1)
Lauper, Cyndi: m31(1), m32(4)
Lawrence, Tracy: m91(20)
Lawrence, Vicki: m34(1)
Led Zeppelin: GH 4CD(54), m14(3), m201(4)
Lee, Johnny m1(1)
Lemon Pipers: m162(1)
Lennon, John: Collection GH(19), m6(1), m21(1)
Lennon, Julian: m32(3)
Lewis, Heuy & The News: Time Flies GH(16)
Lightfoot, Gordon: Gord's Gold GH(21)
Little Richard: GH(20), m27(11)
Little River Band: GH(12)
Loggins, Kenny: Yesterday Today Tomorrow GH(15)
Lonestar: m64(18), m65(12chr), m182("I'm Already There" 13),
Looking Glass: m34(1)

Loveless, Patty: m199(1)
Loverboy: Big Ones GH(14)
Lovin Spoonful: All The Best of GH(14)
owe, Nick: All Time Lowes GH(16)
Lynn, Sheryl: m31(1)

MacGregor, Mary: m26(1)
MacLean, Don: m26(1)
Madness: m18 (1)
Madonna: Immaculate Collection GH(17), m73(1, 2r), m74(2r), m165(1)
Main Ingredient: m86(1)
Mamas & Papas: GH(16)

Mandrell, Barbara: m199(1)
Manhattans: GH(10)
Manilow, Barry: GH(15)
Mardones, Benny m2(1)
Marie, Teena: m20(1)
Marmalade m2(1)
Martin, Dean: All The Hits 1948-69 GH2CD(40), GH(12) m16(3), m28(2)
Mason, Dave: Best of GH(10)
Matchbox 20: m73(6)
Mathis, Johnny: m145(22), m181(3),
Max Q: Max Q
McBride, Martina: cd single: Valentine/A Broken Wing, m150(17), m183(8, 11chr),
McCall, C.W.: m85(1)
McCartney, Linda: m38(1)
McCartney, Paul (Wings): All The Best GH(17), Flaming Pie(14), m6(6), m15(1), m133(22), m134(20), m135(17, 1d), m142(19,1r), m151(18), m152(19), m173(1), m192(15, 2b)
McCartney, Paul and Billy Joel: m87(1)
McCoy, Van: m86(1)
McCready, Mindy: m92(7)
McDonald And Giles: m24(3)
McEntire, Reba- So Good Together, Starting Over, m93(20), m176(Greatest Hits 3- I'm A Survivor 15),
McGraw, Tim: m57(15), m132(Set This Circus Down 15),
McKenzie, Scott: m51(1)
Meatloaf- Bat Out of Hell II(11)
Mellencamp, John (Cougar): Whenever We Wanted(10), Scarecrow(12), American Fool(9), Uh-huh(9),
Lonesome Jubilee(10), Human Wheels(10), m5(1), m23(2), m106(19), m107(20), 113(14), m121(1), m175(Cuttin' Heads 10),
Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes: GH(10)
Mesh: m182(1)
Messina, Jo Dee: m138(20), m141(7)
Metallica: m41(1)
Midnight Oil 20000 Watt RSL GH(18), m74(1*), m173(1r)
Mike And The Mechanics: m25(3)
Miller, Glenn: m37(2)

Miller, Mitch: m193(1)
Miller Band, Steve: GH 1968-73(18), GH 1974-78(14), m70(1)

Milli Vanilli: m194(3)
Mills, Stephanie: m20(1)
Milsap, Ronnie: GH Vol 2(10), m42(5), m43(1)
Minogue, Kylie: m41(1)
Missing Persons: Best of GH(15)
Modern English: m18 (1)
Money, Eddie: Sound of Money GH(13)
Monkees: Original Classics GH(20), m5(5), m154(1),m198(1)
Montgomery Gentry: m147(16)
Montgomery, John Michael: m60(10), m90(17)
Moody Blues: Legend of a Band GH(12), m8(9), m9(1), m140(20), m170(20),m171(16), m172(16).
Morris, Jenny: m41(6)
Morissette, Alanis: Jagged Little Pill(12), m165(1)
Motels: m17 (1)
Mudhead (Garry Gary Beers): m121(1)
Murphy, Michael Martin: Best of GH(12), m1(1)
Murphy, Walter: m182(1)
Myles, Alanna: m4(5)

Naked Eyes: m163(2)
Nena: m20(1)
Newton-John, Olivia: Back To Basics 1971-92 GH(17)
Newton, Juice: m34(1), m37(1)
Newton, Wayne: m21(1), m30(1)
Nicks, Stevie: Time Space GH(14), m122(Trouble In Shangri-La PtII, 5)m175(Trouble In Shangri-La PtI, 8),

Night Ranger: m198(8)
Nilsson, Harry: All-Time GH(20)
Nirvana: m96(9)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: m23(1), m34(1)
No Doubt: m26(1)
Nova, Aldo: m28(1)
N Sync---- N Sync, m43(1), m60(1)

Oak Ridge Boys m1(1)
Oasis: m22(1)
Ocean, Billy: m32(1)
Ocean Colour Scene: m184(3)
Odyssey: m154(1)

Oliver: m194(1)
OMC: m5(1)
Orbison, Roy: All-Time GH(19)
Orlando, Tony & Dawn: Best of GH(16)
OJays: GH(10)
Orleans: m28(1)
Orr, Benjamin: m15(1)
Osbourne, Jeffrey: m27(2)
Osbourne, Ozzy: m50(6), m74(1r), m184(2),
O'Sullivan, Gilbert m2(1)

Paisley, Brad: m92(13), m117(1), m161(Paisley Part Two 13)
Palmer, Robert: Addictions Vol 1 GH(13)
Paper Lace: m34(1)
Parker Jr, Ray (Raydio): m27(2)
Parks, Michael (Then Came Bronson): m165(1)
Parr, John: m26(1), m113(1)
Parsons, Alan Project: Best of GH Vol 1(12), m15(1)
Parton, Dolly m1(1), m193(1), m199(1)
Partridge Family (David Cassidy): GH(16), m21(6), m155(26), m156(25), m161(3)
Paul, Billie: m154(1)
Paul Band, Henry: m35(1)
Payne, Freda: m86(1)
Pearl Jam: m163(5,1*)
Pebbles: m73(1)
Perry, Steve: GH(17)
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers: GH(18), m3(1)
Pickett, Bobby "Boris": m167(1)
Pilot: m28(1)
Pink Floyd: Early Singles(10), Meddle(6), The Wall 2CD(26), Dark Side Of The Moon(9), Wish You Were Here(5), m18(3), m111(1), m184(1),
Plant, Robert: Pictures At 11(8), m29(1)
Platters: The World of the Platters-The Great Pretender GH(14)
Player: m4(1)
Poco: Crazy Loving 1975-82 GH(13)
Police: Every Breath You Take- The Singles GH(12), m10(12), m80(19), m81(12)
Power Station: m19(1)
Pressley, Elvis: Top Ten Hits 2CDGH(38), m1(2)
Preston, Billy: m153(1)
Pretenders: GH(16), m10(1)
Pride, Charlie: m1(1)
Prince: m177(15), m178(8),
Procul Harem: m51(2)
Psychadelic Furs: m173(1)
Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap: GH(10)

Qango: m39(1), m40(10)
Quarterflash: m25(1)
Quatro, Suzie: m20(1)
Queen: GH(16), m3(1), m18 (1),

Rabbit, Eddie m1(1), m34(3)
Rafferty, Gerry: m28(1)
Rafferty, John and The Beaver Brown Band: m51(1)
Rainbow: m19(1)
Rascals: Ultimate GH(20)
Raspberries (Eric Carmen): m22(1)
Rawls, Lou: m23(1)
Ray, Goodman, And Brown: m27(1)
Rea, Chris: Best of GH(16), Best Of New Light Through Old Windows GH(13), m2(1)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: m19(1), m37(1)
Reed, Jerry: m21(1)
REM: Eponymous GH(12), Automatic For The People(12), Monster(12), Out Of Time(11),
New Adventures In Hi-Fi(14), Up(14), m19(2), m144(Reveal 16)
Reno, Mike & Wilson, Ann: m32(1)
REO Speedwagon: The Hits GH(14)
Rhythm Heritage: m37(1)
Richard, Cliff: m20(1)
Richie, Lionel: Back To Front GH(14), m121(1),
Right Said Fred: m25(1r)
Rimes, LeAnn: m63(18), m84(20)
Ripperton, Minnie: m13(1)
Robinson, Smokey(Miracles): GH (18), m13(1)
Rockpile: m29(1)
Rockwell: m13(1)
Rodgers, Paul- Now And Live* 2CD (AUTOGRAPHED!!!)(24)
Rogers, Kenny: GH(10), 20GH(20), m4(1), m23(1), m43(1), m60(1), m193(2)
Rolling Stones: GH HotRocks 64-71 2CD(21), GH More Hot Rocks 2CD(25), GH Jump Back 71-93(18), m14(15), m22(1), m200(23), m201(13)
Rolls Royce: m154(1)
Romantics: m37(2)
Ronstadt, Linda: GH Vol 1(12), GH Vol 2(11)
Rose Orchestra, David: m38(1)
Ross, Diana: All The Great Hits GH(15)
Rufus (Chaka Kahn): m86(1)
Rundgren, Todd: Very Best of GH(16)
Rush: Chronicles GH 2CD(29)
Russell, Brenda: m13(1)

Sade: Best of GH(16), m45(Lover's Rock 11,4r), m54(11b+r), m74(3r), m12712b,3r), m128(12b),
Sambello, Michael: m37(1)
Sandpipers: m37(1)
Santana: GH(10), Best of (RemasteredGH (16), m12(2), m20(1),
Satriani, Joe: Time Machine GH 2CD(28), m11(1)
Savage Garden: Savage Garden(11), Affirmation(12), cd single: The Animal Song
Scaggs, Boz: Hits! GH(10)
Scorpions: m70(2)
Seals & Crofts: GH(10), m4(1), m198(1)
Secada, John: John Secada
Seger, Bob: GH(14), m16(4), m18 (2)
Setzer, Brian: m173(1),
Shalamar: m23(1), m34(1,1r)

Shatner, William: m193(3)
Sheila E: m165(1r)
Sheriff: m51(1)
Simon & Garfunkel: GH(14)
Simon, Carly: m30(8)
Simon, Paul: Negotiations And Love Songs 1971-86 GH(16)
Simple Minds: Glittering Prize GH(12)
Simply Red: m51(1)
Sinatra, Frank: m26(1), m30(2) , m193(1)
Sinatra, Nancy: m35(1)
Skylark: m23(1)
Slash (Guns N Roses): m121(1)
Sly & The Family Stone: GH(12)
Smashmouth: m43(1)
Smith, Rex: m20(1)

Smith, Sammi: m194(1)
Smith, Will: m60(3)
Soft Cell: m165(1)
Sonny And Cher: m37(3)
Soul, David m2(1)
Soundgarden: m70(2)
Spandau Ballet: m28(1)
Spanky And Our Gang: m162(1)
Spears, Brittney: m154(1)

Spencer Davis Group: m194(1)
Spice Girls m2(1)
Spin Doctors: m70(3), m73(1)
Spinners: Best of GH(10), m23(2)
Split Enz: History Never Repeats GH(11)
Spooky Tooth: m79(3)
Springfield, Rick: m38(1)
Springsteen, Bruce: GH(18)
Squeeze: Singles GH(12)
Squire, Billy m3(1), m19(1),
Starbuck: m34(1)
Starland Vocal Band: m34(1)
Starr, Ringo: And His All Starr Band*(12), m6(2),
Starship: GH1979-91(12)
Stars On 45: m22(2)
Steely Dan: Citizen Steely Dan 1972-80GH 4CD(66), m111(Two Against Nature 9),
Stereolab: Mars Audiac Quintet (15)
Stevens, Cat: Very Best of GH(18)
Stevens, Jon: m174(1)
Stevie B: m43(1)
Stewart, Al: Best of GH(11)
Stewart, Rod: GH(10), Downtown Train selections GH(12)
Sting: Fields of Gold GH(14), m96(2)
Stories: m34(1)
Strait, George: m67(22), m69(8), m117(3), m180(The Road Less Traveled: 10 plus 12), m181(3),

Strawberry Alarm Clock: m194(1)
Stray Cats: m22(3)
Stylistics: Best of GH(10)
Styx: Classics Vol15 GH(14)
Sugar Ray: m165(4)
Summer, Donna: Endless Summer GH(18)
Supertramp: Classics Vol9 GH(14), m9(9), m159(Paris Pt1 13),m160(Paris Pt2 3)
Supremes (w/Diana Ross): Anthology GH 2CD (49)
Survivor: m51(1)
Swayze, Patrick m2(1)
Sweet: m30(1)
Sybil: m182(1)
Sylvia: m1(1)

Talking Heads: Sand In The Vasoline 1984-92 GH 2CD(33), No Talking Just Head (The Heads)
Talk Talk: m10(1)

Tangerine Dream: m194(1)
Tavares: m35(1)
Taylor, James: Classic Songs GH(16)

Taylor, R Dean: m194(1)
Taxxi m3(1)
Tears For Fears: Tears Roll Down 1982-92 GH(12)
10cc (Godley & Creme): Changing Faces GH(16)
Temps & Tops: GH (Temptations and Four Tops selections)(10+13)
They Might Be Giants: m89(1)
.38 Special: Flashback GH(14)
Thomas, BJ m1(1)
Thompson Twins: Best of Greatest Mixes GH(10r)
Three Dog Night: Best of GH(20)
'Til Tuesday: m162(1)
Tomita: GH(14), m25(2), m31(6), m42(1)
Toto: Past To Present 1977-90 GH(13)
Townshend, Pete: Best of GH(15)
Traffic: m19(2), m85(1)
Trammps: m184(1)
Travis, Randy: m69(14), m199(1)
T Rex (& Mark Bolan): Ultimate Collection GH(24)
Triumph: Classics GH(11), m14(4)
Tubes: m19(1)
Tucker, Tanya: m42(1)
Turner, Tina: GH(10)
Turtles: GH(20)
Tutone, Tommy: m121(1)
Tyler, Bonnie: m26(1), m28(1), m153(1)

UK: UK (cdr,8), Danger Money(6), m39(1), m75(Night After Night 9*)
Ultravox!: m173(2)
Urban, Keith: m117(14)
Uriah Heep: m9(1), m39(1), m113(1),
U2: October(11), War(10), Unforgettable Fire(10), The Joshua Tree(11), Actung Baby(12),
Zooropa(10), Pop(13), Best of 80-90 w/Bsides 2CD(14,15b), m46(All You Can't Leave Behind 11,2b), m41(1*), m55(11r), m56(2r, 16b), m61(11r), m87(1b, 10r,1*), m120(SunriseFL2001pt1 15btlg), m121 (SunriseFL2001pt2 6btlg), m174(4*),

Valli, Frankie & The Four Seasons: Anthology GH(26), Greatest Hits Live*(15) , m2(2), m4(1), m85(1)
Vandross, Luther: The Best of Love Vol 1 GH 2CD(20), The Best of Love Vol 2 GH(15)
Vangelis: m25(2)
Vanilla Fudge: m173(1)

Vanity Fare: m198(1)
Van Halen: Best of GHVol 1(17), m11(14), m19(1), m101(17), m102(19), m114(19), m116(18), m160(1)
Vapors: m38(1)
Vitamin C: m167(1)
Velvet Underground(Lou Reed): The Best of GH(15)
Ventures: m23(1)

Walker, Clay: m43(1)
Wallflowers: m41(1)
Walsh, Joe: m38(1)
Wang Chung: Everybody Wang Chung Tonight GH(13,1r)
War: The Best of And More GH(13)
Wariner, Steve: m165(1)
Warwicke, Dionne: Her Greatest Hits GH(12), GH 1979-90(12)
Wetton, John: Chasing The Dragon*(15), Battle Lines(10), m9(2), m24(1), m39(14), m40(14), m75(8), m76 (Arkangel 14, 1*, 1b), m77(17), m78(Akustica 17), m105(18), m113(2), m160(9), m184(1), m198 (2), m201(1)
Wham: m51(1)
Whispers: m13(1)
White, Barry: All-Time GH(20)
Who: Who's Better Who's Best GH(19), m17(7), m124(17)
Wild Cherry: m86(1)
Wilde, Kim: m28(1)
Williams, Andy: GH(11)
Williams, Denise m20(1), m23(1), m28(1)
Williams, Hank Sr: m129(27)

Williams, Mason: m198(1)
Williams, Vanessa: m42(2)
Wilson, Al: m86(1)
Wilson Philips: m41(1)
Winwood, Steve: Chronicles GH(10)
Winter, Edgar Group: M184(2)
Wishbone Ash: m105(1), m113(1)
Womack, LeAnn: m119(20), m122(13),
Wonder, Stevie: Original Musicquarium I GH 2CD(16), Love Songs 20 Classic GH (20), m38(1)
Wright, Chely: m118(21)
Wright, Gary: The Dream Weaver(9)
Wynette, Tammy: m4(1)

Yanni: Devotion GH(15)
Yardbirds: Vol1 1964-66 GH(18), m14(5)
Yearwood, Trisha- GH Songbook, m1(1), m161(6), m199(1)
Yes: Yessyears 4CDGH (46), m18(2)
Young, John Paul: m28(1)
Young, Neil: Decade 2CDGH (35)
Youngbloods: m5(1)

Zager And Evans: m5(1)
Zombies: GH(15)
ZZ Top: GH(18), m14(3)


American Graffiti/50s m68(29), m72(28)
Batman Forever
Pretty In Pink
Barb Wire
Beverly Hills Cop 3
Field Of Dreams(13)
Staying Alive: (Bee Gees)(12)
The Lost Boys
The Godfather(12)
Grease: m85(1, 1r)
Brian's Song: m111(2)
Romeo And Juliet: m111(1)
Midnight Cowboy: m163(4)
West Side Story: m164(15)

Television's Greatest Hits: Vol I(65)
Televisons's Greatest Hits: 50s and 60s
Televisions Greatest Hits: 70s and 80s(65)
Televisions Greatest Hits: In Living Color 60s and 70s(65)
Televisions Greatest Hits: Vol 2(65)
Television's Greatest Hits: Vol 4 Classics m47(64)
Television's Greatest Hits: Vol 6 Remote Control m48(64)
Television's Greatest Hits: Vol 7 Cable Ready m49(65)
Rugrats Theme: m43(2)
Malcome In The Middle: m89(1)
M*A*S*H Theme: m85(4)
CBS Survivor soundtrack: m137(18)
Pebbles And Bam Bam- Flintstones: m162(1)
Then Came Bronson theme: m165(1)

KARAOKE: m89(8 Beatles, 1 Asia), m96(Depeche Mode 1)

Disneys Greatest Hits Vol 1
50 Classical Masterpieces 2CD
Northsound Nature
Pure Moods(17)
Best Of Neil Rodgers 1993
Sound Effects: 65 Greatest Hits
Symphonic Music of the Rolling Stones
A Tribute To Elvis: It's Now Or Never

Hit Songs From the 70s
Rock 'N Roll Chapter 9- Easy 70s
Million Selling Songs From the 70s
Love Songs of the 70s

New York Mets themes: m16(3), m111(2)
New York Yankees theme: m111(1)
Kyle Petty: m73(1)
Dale Earnhardt tributes: m99(3), m126(18), m157(3)
Confederate National Anthem: m163(1)


Abbott & Costello: m38(2), m74(1)
Baum, Bruce: m33(1)

Bloopers: m193(4)
George Carlin: m36(10), m38(2), m185(1)
Cheech And Chong: m38(5)

Bill Cosby: m193(1)
Rodney Dangerfield: m88(1)
Dr. Demento Show: m38(2), 167(2)
Dickie Goodman: m33(1)
Judd, Cletus T.: m166(21), m167(10)
Opie And Anthony Show m86(1)
Red Peters: m38(1)
Bob Rivers: m87(1)

SNL- Jack Handy- Deep Thoughts: m193(1)
Howard Stern Show bits, characters, etc: m33(6), m193(2)
Stevens, Ray: m167(7)
Touchtone Terrorists: m33(14)
Weird Al Yankovic: m43(3)

-From Jay I 12/98
-MBLive 82
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