INXS remixes


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Baby Dont Cry (Vocal+Instrumental mix) 4:14
Bad Touch (The Nasty NRG Remix) DJ NITRO vs BLOODHOUND GANG vs INXS
Beautiful Girl (remix) 3:16
Begotten (Instrumental) 3:10
Bitter Tears (12 Lorimer mix) 6:42
Bitter Tears (Lorimer Radio Dance mix)
Bitter Tears (inst) 6:50
Black and White (ext version) 4:58
Burn For You (12 version) 6:19
Burn For You (remix) 3:43
Burn For You (Extended remix) 6:16
By My Side (Movie mix) 4:47
Calling All Nations (Alt. Vers 1) 3:13
Calling All Nations (Alt. Vers 2) 7:36
Calling All Nations (remix)
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Dub mix) 9:35
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Is Pure mix) 7:52
Dancing On The Jetty (remix) 4:07
Devil Inside (12 mix) 6:47
Devil Inside (edited version) 3:56
Devil Inside (Re-mix version) 6:31
Different World (12 mix) 6:32
Disappear (Extended 12 mix) 6:50
Disappear (Red Zone mix) 4:31
Dont Lose Your Head (Radio mix) 3:33
Dont Lose Your Head (Leadstation Solid Gold mix) 4:33
Elegantly Wasted (A/C edit) 4:00
Elegantly Wasted (Radio edit) 3:53
Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic remix) 7:56
Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic dub) 8:25
Elegantly Wasted (Gforce+Seiji mix) 6:36
Elegantly Wasted (Bonus Beats) 4:43
Everything (video mix) 3:15
Everything (Jaxx Love dub) 8:15
Everything (Remix X) 3:17
Everything (Remix TV/Track) 3:15
Everything (Remix Instr) 3:15
Everything (Remix Accapella) 3:01
Everything (Jaxx Club Vocal) 6:39
Freedom Deep (Extended 12 mix) 8:05
Girl On Fire (Keepin It Tight mix) 4:37
Girl On Fire (Back 2 Mono mix) 6:22
Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass mix) 6:02
Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass edit) 4:23
Heaven Sent (Gliding version) 3:09
Here Comes II (New version) 3:51
Im Only Looking (Bad Yard Club mix) 8:07
Im Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard mix) 8:17
Im Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard mix) 8:43
I Send A Message (extended remix) 5:13
Johnsons Aeroplane (remix) 4:02
Keep The Peace (instrumental remix)
Listen Like Thieves (extended remix) 5:54
Listen Like Thieves (instrumental remix) 4:16
Love Is What I Say (remix) 3:37
Melting In The Sun (12 version) 4:55
Need You Tonight (Ben Leibrand mix) 6:58
Need You Tonight (Special DJ Radio edit) 6:13
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn mix) 7:02
Need You Tonight (Big Bump mix) 8:27
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn 7 edit) 3:55
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn 5:11 remix) 5:11
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn 7 mix)
Never Tear Us Apart (video version with intro) 3:46
New Sensation (radio remix) 3:51
New Sensation (extended Dance mix) 6:36
New Sensation (Nick 12 mix) 6:30
Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP Fade) 4:20
Not Enough Time (Ralphi Rosario mix) 6:44
Not Enough Time (Rough Monitor mix) 4:41
Original Sin (Epic Adventure) 9:37
Original Sin (Dance version) 6:11
Original Sin (Epic Adventure edit) 3:36
Original Sin (Ian Green mix) 4:00
Original Sin (long version) 6:34
PleaseYou Got That (Downtown Dub mix) 6:28
PleaseYou Got That (Downtown instrumental mix) 6:31
PleaseYou Got That (Needful Dub mix) 7:40
Please You Got That (E-Smoove Club Need mix) 6:26
Please You Got That (Main edit) 3:18
Please You Got That (Club Need mix) 8:01
Questions (Instrumental) 4:51
Searching (Leadstation Full Length) 4:40
Searching (Leadstaton TV Mix) 4:40
Searching (Leadstation TV Mix edit) 4:18
Searching (Blockpocket mix) 4:47
Searching (Remixed by Alec Reece) 5:43
Searching (Alex Reece House Remix) 6:02
Searching (Linslee Remix Master) 5:23
Searching (Linslee Remix TV Track) 5:24
Searching (Linslee Remix Instrumental) 5:24
Searching (Linslee Remix Instrumental with Talking) 5:29
Searching (Linslee Remix Instrumental without Talking) 5:27
Searching (Linslee Remix Master- No Loop) 5:24
Searching (Bosch Remix I) 3:27
Searching (Bosch Remix II) 4:44
Searching (Leadstation Radio edit) 4:19
Searching (Leadstation Wiggly Worm mix) 5:17
Searching (Leadstation Hydroponic mix) 4:59
Shining Star (US mix) 3:47
Suicide Blonde (Earth mix) 5:39
Suicide Blonde (Devastation mix) 6:19
Suicide Blonde (Milk mix) 5:40
Suicide Blonde (Demolition mix) 6:53
Suicide Blonde (Nix mix) 4:14
Suicide Blonde (Milk mix) 6:39
Suicide Blonde (end of GVHits 80-90 inst version) 5:42
Taste It (new remix)
Taste It (Radio remix) 3:24
Taste It (Youth 12 mix) 4:49
Taste It (Instrumental/Guitars) 3:58
Taste It (Clubbed Twice) 4:50
Taste It (Youth Accapella mix) 3:52
The Gift (Extended mix) 6:45
The Gift (Bonus Beat mix) 5:03
The One Thing (ext version) 6:07
The Strangest Party (Apollo 440 mix) 7:16
To Look At You (ext version) 6:32
Underneath The Colours (Chicken mix) 4:14
Viking Juice (The Butcher mix) 3:18
What You Need (ext remix) 5:53
What You Need (video version with intro) 3:43
What You Need (Coldcut Force mix) 6:31
What You Need (Unplugged) 3:06
What You Need (Cold Cut mix) 6:49
Wshing Well (Courier ext mix) 5:12
Wishing Well (Instrumental) 3:32
Wizards Of Oz Medley 9:52


Girl On Fire
Tuesday Weld
Everybody Waited
Flesh And Blood
Thrown Together
Hanging On
Im Searching
Salvation Jane
You Made Me Laugh
Bang The Drum
Nothings Free
Jesus Was A Man
Coming Up
I Dont Need Ya
Girl On Fire
Shake The Tree
Nothings Free
Building Bridges
Dont Lose Your Head

MAX Q and other REMIXES:

Max Q: Zero-2-0 (Todd Terry mix) 4:27
Max Q: Ghost of the Year (Todd Terry mix) 4:33
Max Q: Way Of The World (12 mix) 4:43
Max Q: Sometimes (Future mix) 5:13
Max Q: Sometimes (Dub mix) 4:06
Max Q: Sometimes (Dub mix) XXX
Max Q: Love Man (B side) 4:25
Max Q: Sometimes (Straight Rock mix) 3:42
Max Q: Sometimes (Rock House edit) 3:48
Max Q: Sometimes (Rock House ext mix) 5:45

FLAME FORTUNE: Sex Symbol (Fabulous mix) (MH)
FLAME FORTUNE: Jungle Boy (Dance mix) (MH)

Rooms For The Memory (ext mix) (MH)
Nothin Better (TF)
Nothin Better (Slam Duncan mix) (TF)